Review: Whether to buy An Autel Passthru Tablet?

This article is to compare different Autel Passthru Tablet, so you may know whether you need to get one.


Review 1

I have MK908Pro, good but really expensive. An annual update costs 1/3 of the hardware value. If you earn, I recommend it. Of course, it cannot do everything, not can any tool. You may need to buy other tools. For the diagnosis itself, I would consider buying MK808 professional diagnostics is much cheaper and does almost the same.


Review 2

Autel MaxiCOM MK908P auto key programmer is a great tool, I buy Launch, too. No tool is perfect. Autel passthru works on most online tools now, PSA, Toyota, FJDS, etc.


Review 3

I have a MaxiSys M908S Pro with the J2534 interface and it works great. You can do all tests for nearly all brands of vehicles (even Tesla they begun to support it from this year), you can check all modules, read & clear codes, read live data, bi-directional controls, adaptations, resets….there’s nearly nothing it can’t do, except module reprogramming which you should use it through the OEM websites. The J2534 passthru interface is completely compatible with all brands for OEM programming.

About the updates is quite expensive, about 800$ a year, compared to other makes and models, but their aftersales service is Top Quality.

The unit works great, never had any issue and I use it daily. I also have Snap-On, OTC and Launch, but the Autel is my main tool. I do not update it every year, as I said it is expensive, and I don’t use to work on brand new cars, so I usually buy an update subscription every 2 or 3 years and I can get all previous missed updated back, no extra pay for missed update.



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