Tips on Updating Autel MK908 to MK908P by Binding to J2534 Box

Customers may buy Autel MK908 professional diagnostics first, and later buy J2534 box separately to update device to Autel MK908P key programming tool, then they have online programming/coding. This article is about to answer relevant questions.


Well cover:

Device info display

How to bind

Which update to buy

Online coding issue




Bind MK908 to J2534 box, and the registration info still displayed MaxiCOM MK908, is it normal?



Send us your VIN number, we’ll contact Autel to modify data in the backstage.

Reboot your device, connect it to network and update it, “Model Number” should turn MaxiCOM MK908Pro.



How to bind MK908 to J2534 box?



Connect J2534 box to MK908 by cable or via Bluetooth.

Select “VCI Manager”>>BT>>Select device to pair




Which update service to buy, MK908 subscription or MK908P subscription, after binding MK908 to J2534?



After subscription expired, need to buy MK908P update subscription, or online programming/coding cannot be used. MK908 doesn’t have online coding while MK908P has.



Just bind them two days ago, why I cannot use online coding function?



Reboot and update device, then try online coding again. Please notice that device supports Mercedes-Benz and BMW online coding.


Alright, any other questions, just contact us.


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