Autel IM608 Ignition Programming for VW Touran 2009/Chrysler Success

Today we’re gonna replace the ignition of VW Touran 2009, use Autel MaxiIM IM608 diagnostic scanner to program the wireless control module(WCM)/wireless ignition(WIN) and add two new keys.


Note: Most things including Immobilizer of this VW is identical to Chrysler Town&Country, so IM608 tablet may display Chrysler during the process.



Step 1.Read password(PIN) from the old ignition

Turn on MaxiIM IM608 Key Programmer,


IMMO>>Auto detect>>Manual selection>>North America>>TOWN&COUNTRY>>2008-2011>>Fobik Key>>SLOT

Then we are in Main menu.

Make sure the device is connected to network.


Control unit>>Read Immobilizer Password(CAN)

With the password, we can disconnect the old ignition and put on the new one.


Step 2.Write PIN to the new ignition

Insert a new key to turn on the ignition.

In the same menu, we select

IMMO module replacement>>Wireless ignition (WIN) replaced

Input the password automatically.

PIN programmed.


Step 3.Key learning

Back to “Control unit” menu.


Immobilizer(CAN)>>Key Learning>>Key Learning

Here we find the new module was programmed 2 keys before, so we need to erase them first.

Go back and select “Erase Key”.

Confirm the password to erase them.

Then we enter “Key Learning” again.

Take this key out and insert another new key to turn on the ignition.

Select “Yes” to continue.

Learning success.

Select “No” to finish the procedure.



That’s the process of VW Touran 2009 ignition replacing&programming and key programming by Autel IM608.


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