Autel IM608 Relearn Used Engine ECU after Renew in Benz W164 Success

Hello, today we’re going to relearn an used engine ECU in Benz W164 using Autel MaxiIM Im608 professional diagnostics, and we’ve already renewed the ECU in advance.

Actually, renew process is to turn off “Activated” and “Personalized”, while relearn process is to turn on “Activated” and “Personalized” in another car.

If you don’t know what Renew is going on, you can go check:



1.Relearn engine ECU

Replace Engine ECU by a renewed one.

Connect Autel IM608 to the vehicle via Bluetooth.

Turn on IM608,


Diagnostics>>Mercedes-Benz>>Automatic selection>>Left Hand Steering

Here we’ve got vehicle profile.

See that the ECU belongs to R350 before.

And we’ll change the VIN after the programming.

Press “Yes” into main menu.

Select the first option to load system data.

Then select

Control unit>>Drive>>ME 9.7-Motor electronics 9.7

Now we’re in Function menu.


Control unit adaptations>>Learning processes>>Teach-in of the Drive Authorization System

Follow three steps carefully.

First make sure the ECU is not personalized as you can see “Drive authorization\Personalized” is null.

Select “F3” for drive authorization as the prompt.

Personalize the control module.

Activate the control module.


2.Change the VIN

In case I diagnose the car, and I don’t want to see “R350” again, so I need to change the VIN.

Back to homepage,


IMMO>>Mercedes-Benz>>Expert selection>>Engine (ECU)>> Write engine(ECU) VIN

Enter a 17-digit VIN.

Write VIN successfully.

Now we’re going to re-scan the car to verify.

On “Engine(ECU)” interface,

Select “Read engine(ECU) information”.

Here VIN is the one we entered instead of the “R350” one.


Alright, this is the process on how Autel IM608 professional diagnostic scanner relearn an used engine ECU in Benz W164.

More functions to be explored.

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