Autel IM608 Tips: Manual Reset Range Rover Service Required Light

This is a manual instruction found on Autel MaxiIM IM608/ IM508 key programmer to reset Ranger Rover service required warning light. Now I’m working on a 2014 Range Rover Sport, but it should go the same to 2014-2019 Discovery or Evoque as well.


Following I’m gonna show and try how to reset oil life on this car. Actually I can do it automatically with Autel Specialty Products. But this time I’m gonna do the manual procedure.


I already have the steps on IM608 Scanner, it says

Note: Ensure that IM608 diagnostic tool is not connected to the vehicle(This is only for this car).

  1. Turn the ignition on.
  2. Open the hood.
  3. Open the driver door.
  4. Note: a service resetting message will be present on the instrument cluster. Depress both the brake and accelerator pedals to the floor and hold it for 10s(For some models like Evoque, you have to hold the pedals for 60s).
  5. Turn the ignition off.
  6. Turn the ignition on and check the message has been cleared.
  7. Perform the process again if the message is still present.



If it does not work for your case, just try again.


This is how to manual reset service required warning light for 2014-2019 Ranger Rover.

Hope it helps.


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