Autel MS906 Pro/ MS906 Pro-TS Unboxing & Functions Quick Look

Autel MaxiSYS MS906 Pro & MaxiSYS MS906 Pro-TS are the latest Autel diagnostic tools in 2022. Both devices can handle diagnostics, services, IMMO pairing and more. All are a lightweight and easy to hold tablet.


The Autel MS906Pro-TS also offers complete TPMS functionality on top of the previously mentioned features. It’s a combination of diagnostics and ADAS calibration coverage in one tool. Ensures that you will be able to complete any maintenance project the first time.


It may help:

Autel MS906S vs. MS906PRO vs. MS906PRO-TS vs. ULTRA


* ADAS calibrations requires additional software & hardware purchases.

* Battery analysis requires to work with Autel MaxiBAS BT506.


Whats in Autel MS906Pro/ MS906Pro-TS package?

V200 VCI (Plug into OBD2 port, usually located beneath the steering column)

Type-C USB cable

Cigarette lighter

USB to Ethernet adapter

AC/DC 12-volt battery adapter


What apps on Autel MS906Pro/ MS906Pro-TS tablet?

On the 1st page:

You’re allowed to perform diagnostics, services and ADAS calibrations from the home screen. Data manager, settings, VCI manager, support and update are all here. Be sure to check once a month for updates.


For MS906 Pro-TS tablet, here’s one more TPMS service.


On the 2nd page:

You’ll see the battery test app where you can perform battery related functions.

Remote desktop, quick link, demos are all here.

If you have feedback, open up user feedback and submit it to Autel team. MaxiViewer, MaxiVideo and Maxiscope are all here.


On the 3rd page:

Here you have commonly used utility apps for daily use.


This is Autel MS906 Pro/ MS906 Pro-TS review on unboxing & overall functions. More info to be updated…


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