Autel IM608 Renew Benz 272 Engine ECU ME9.7 with G-Box2 Success

Today autelshop is going to share with you how to renew a Benz 272 engine ECU ME9.7 using Autel IM608 key programming tool and G-Box2. Then you can program it to another car.


Let’s just start the


Step 1 Connection

First enter diagnostic menu.

Then select

Engine(ECU)>>Wiring diagram>>On bench G-Box>>ME9.7

View the diagram carefully,

And finish connection by it.


Step 2 Read Engine ECU

Back to Engine(ECU) menu,

Select “Read engine(ECU) information”.

Then we’ve got Engine ECU base data.

Here we can see “Personalized” and “Activated” are on “Yes”.


Step 3 Renew Engine ECU

Back to Engine(ECU) menu again,

Select “Renew engine(ECU)”.

Confirm the connection is correct and the G-Box is used as prompts.

Then we’ve got a 16-digit special key password.

Go ahead to obtain the erasure password.

Then renew process is complete.

Read engine(ECU) info again.

“Personalized” and “Activated” turn “No”.

Now it’s good to go to another car.



This is the process of Benz 272 engine ECU ME9.7 renew using Autel IM608 and G-Box2.


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