Autel IM608 Unlock Lexus 570 2012 Smart Key and Add Key Success

Hello everyone, here we’re gonna bring you the process of how to unlock a Lexus 570 2012 smart key and add a spare key in car using Autel MaxiIM IM608 auto professional scanner.


Main Operation Procedures:


1.Read key information

First complete connection of IM608, XP400 and VCI.

Insert the working key into the coil of XP400.

Turn on IM608,


Programmer>>Key>>Key read & write

Here we’re not sure about key type,

So we select “Automatic detection”.

Select “OK” to enter function menu.

Select “Read key information”.

Back to function menu.

Select “Read key ID”.


2.Unlock the original key

Back to key type option menu.

Select “TIRIS DST 4D” to enter function menu.

Select “Read key ID”.

ID is the same as the previous one.

Back and select “Unlock key”.

Three seconds, unlock success.


3.Add a new key

Back to homepage,


IMMO>>Lexus>>System selection>>Keyless system>>Keyless system(CAN)>>Add smart key

Select “no” when asking if using simulator key APB112.

Put the new key close to the Start button.

Learning success.


Alright, nice and simple!

That’s how we use Autel IM608 professional diagnostics to unlock original smart key and add a spare key for Lexus 570 2012


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