In-depth OBDII Reader Review: Bluedriver vs Autel AP200

This article is about to bring you a detailed comparison between Bluedriver and Autel MaxiAP AP200. We’ll use them to scan a GMC Sierra 2006. Autel AP200 wins in my opinion.




1)Auto Scan

After Auto Read VIN and before Auto Scan, AP200 requires us to configure vehicle profile while Bluedriver didn’t ask us all details.

On Auto Scan, I like the fact that AP200 OBDII Reader will tell me which module it’s reading, and the status bar across the top.

AP200 shows 18 controllers plus diagnostic circuit check. I believe Bluedriver doesn’t go into 18 modules like driver and door module. It doesn’t appear to read all modules.


2)Live data

Bluedriver only gives 5 live sources available in one-time scan, and it must be in one module, I cannot choose modules I want.

We pull up the engine data. AP200 displays as Maxisys Scan Tools, basically the same screen. And we can change the display mode like graph easily, while Bluedriver just cannot, and it says graph needs configuration.

But one thing I don’t like AP200 Diagnostic Tool is that I cannot change the default units, the range of the graphs. It could better if the graph is auto ranging. Although you can adjust the range manually, it just adds a red line instead of the limit remains.

In addition, both cannot record live data for replay.



Bluedriver only has Oil, TPMS, Battery registration, three options. But my vehicle doesn’t have TPMS, battery doesn’t support.

Vehicle Specification on Bluedriver seems very detailed.

AP200 gives us more options even the Immobilizer. I’ve tried it on a Honda and a Dodge, it worked, but don’t get your hopes up for that. Tire size applies to this vehicle, it tells me tire size but cannot match the speed to new tires, which may be the job of things like Autel MK908 auto professional key programmer.


Alright, AP200 is my choice, and here is the link:


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