How to Find a Misfiring Cylinder on A 60$ Bluetooth Scanner?

This article is about to show you how to use the injector stop service function to find a misfiring cylinder by the 60$ Bluetooth scanner – Autel MaxiAP AP200.


Generally, how to find a misfiring cylinder by a scanner?

From my experience, usually we deactivate cylinders via “Control selected cylinder fuel out” in active test, that is, drop each cylinder, the cylinder with the least effect on the vibration on the engine is the misfiring one.


What may lead to a misfiring cylinder?

Dirty, clogged, leaky or broken fuel injector.

Weak/defective ignition coil.

Worn spark plug.

Burnt exhaust valve.

Blown head gasket.


How to find a misfiring cylinder by this 60$ AP200 Bluetooth Scanner?

Model: Honda Accord 2017


Connect AP200 to the vehicle.

On phone app, Go to

Service>>Injector>>Manual selection>>USA>>Hot Function>>One injector stop

Step on the gas to take the speed between 2,000 and 3,000 RPMs until we get to 86

Foot off.

Drop injector 1, 2, 3, 4.

Here comes the point:

  • During this step, your car is going to vibrate a bit more, so is the engine tone.
  • RPMs will drop slightly and come back again every time you drop a cylinder.
  • The cylinder that you drop and there is no noticable effect, is the problematic one.


Once you identify the problematic one, you need to troubleshoot further to identify the cause of misfire.


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