Fixed! Autel IM508/608 Audi Key Programming OK But Remote Not Working


Audi Q7 2008, the working key can start the car but the remote is not working. Try to reprogram it or add a spare using Autel IM508/IM608 but the remote remains unresponsive. Wondering if I should program remote manually.


More details:

When we remove the key the steering didn’t get locked.

Driver lock and inside locking are working perfectly.

When we put the key in door turn to clockwise the red light in door will blink.



  • When a key doesn’t work, there is a problem and it needs to be diagnosed, and just reprogramming it is not a good choice.
  • By a numbers of reasons remote cannot work, this article is only one example of issues.


Solution & Reason in this case:

Replace the ignition starter switch since inside the key cylinder, the key position sensor switch is damaged.


After replacing the module, the remote goes back to work.


Thanks to Shefin, Kobza, Dorabianie and Inoel.


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