Benz W221 Front SAM Module Cloning/Programming by Autel IM608

Today we have a Benz S550 W221, and we’re going to replace the front SAM module by a used one. So we’ll use Autel MaxiIM IM608 professional diagnostics to read all info of the original SAM, and write them into the new one on bench, that is, SAM cloning and programming.






Programmer>>Chip(EEPROM,MCU,ECU)>>Chip read & write>>Other>>MERCEDES BENZ>>W211 FRONT-SAM-COMPUTER RW

Select “FLASH” to enter function menu.

Here we can press “Schematic diagram” to view the wiring diagram.

Then connect IM608 to XP400 by USB cable.

Connect XP400 to the old SAM circuit board by APA106 cable.


2.Get EEPROM and Flash data of the old SAM

Select “Read” to read Flash data.

Select “Save” to save Flash data file.

Go back and select “EEPROM”.

Also we read and save EEPROM file.


3.Write original EEPROM and Flash data to the new SAM

Connect XP400 to the new SAM circuit board by APA106 cable.

First we need to read its EEPROM or Flash data to make sure the connection is good.

So we read EEPROM data as before, because EEPROM reading usually takes less time.

Of course we’d better read and save both files in case if something goes wrong.

Then we go back and select “write”.

Load corresponding file.

Chip written successfully.


Finally, put everything back together.

Clear the codes.

The car could start and the air-condition works perfect.



This is the process of Benz W211 SAM module cloning and programming by Autel IM608 professional diagnostic scanner.


More functions to be explored.


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