5 things Help You Better Use Autel MaxiAP AP200 Scanner

Autel AP200 scanner’s operation is different from other special diagnostic tools despite its function. DIYers oft dont’ know what to do when buying same license twice, losing AP200 etc.

So Autelshop shares 5 situations you may meet, hope it could help you better use this tool. More questions, just contact us.

First, if you want to know whether AP200 supports you vehicle or it has the function you want, just click to check:



1.What to do if losing AP200

Q: If I lose my AP200 bluetooth obd2 scanner and buy a new one, can I bind it to my old account? I can do it myself or you do? If I can continue to use software I bought in old one?

A: If you buy a new one, and need to transfer software into the new one,

Do not register again, contact us and we’ll transfer all into new AP200(Autel ID, software etc.). Then user downloads a free app in new device, it can work as before.


2.Repeat vehicle license purchase

Q: Buy Skoda license twice. If I can get my money back and how?

A: Contact us to get an e-mail address. Then e-mail it with payment proofs, serial number and brief issue desciption, your money will be back.


3.Share diagnostic reports

Q: If I can save and share reports generated by the device.

A: Yes, tap “Report” or “PDF” after diagnosis, and reports are saved under “Repair Reports” on homepage.


4.What to do if changing phone

Q: I’ve changed my phone, I can’t download software, it prompts “diag-europe software”, and my phone is Android 11 galaxy note 10+ 5g.

A: Re-install AP200 app and Diag app.


5.Second-hand device

Q: Bought a seond-hand Autel MaxiAP AP200, can it switch to my ID?

A: If you are to buy a new one but receive a second-hand device, you need to ask your dealer to exchange a new one without being registered.

If you are to buy a second-hand device, send us your Autel ID and serial number for re-binding.


Alright, hope this could help.


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