Autel Mk808TS TPMS Light Check + TPMS Sensor Programming

How are you guys, here is the way to check TPMS light and clone and program a TPMS sensor from Acura TL 2011 by Autel Maxicom Mk808TS TPMS Relearn Tool.


Note: MK808TS TPMS sensor programming only supports Autel MX-sensor.



Autel Maxicom Mk808TS

Autel MX-Sensor 

Acura OEM TPMS sensor


TPMS Light Check

Start the Acura TL 2011,

We can see the TPMS light is on, but we don’t where the problem exactly is.

So turn on the Autel Maxicom Mk808TS.


TPMS>>Acura>>Manual selection>>TL>>2012/11-2014/12 (315MHz)

Now we are on the function menu and out of the vehicle.

Choose “LF”, get the device close to the left front tire, and press “Trigger”.

So the device is recognizing the left one.

Do the same procedure to the rest three tires.

Then we will find the right front tire cannot be recognized.

That’s the problem.


TPMS Sensor Programming&Activation

Open Autel Mk808TS the scanner,


TPMS>>Acura>>Manual selection>>TL>>2012/11-2014/12 (315MHz)

Delete existing TPMS sensor data as the prompt.

Then we enter the function menu.

Put the OEM TPMS sensor in the right front of the device, and

Select RF(Right Front) and press “Trigger”.

As the beep, we got the data.

Put the old sensor away in case of interference.

Then put the Autel MX-Sensor to be programmed at the front.


Programming>>RF>>Copy By Activation

With a beep, programming complete.

To verify, re-enter the function menu.

Put the sensor we just cloned at the right front, select “RF” and press “trigger”.

Recognized and the battery is OK.



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