Autel MK808 Intro + Porsche Check Engine Light & Airbag Light Reset

Guys here we’re going to be doing a very short demonstration of the Autel MaxiCOM MK808 diagnostic package. It’s a professional diagnostic package which comes in one really really nice useful tablet size. There is a different version of this. There is an Autel MaxiCOM MK808BT. That’s basically a Bluetooth version but this one is the hardwired version. The Bluetooth kits do cost more about over 100 pounds.

But here I want to show you the check engine light being reset and the airbag being reset.

We have the tool plugged into the diagnostic port. So we’re going to click on “Diagnostics” and select our manufacturer which is Porsche. We can either automatically select your vehicle or you can manually select it. So if you click on “Manual Selection”, it would just go through motors of selecting your specific vehicle alternatively. You can just click on “Automatic Selection”, click on “Read” and it should automatically find exactly what vehicle you are in. It finds the VIN number, and just tell us it’s a 2013 model Porsche Cayenne which is correct.

Check engine light reset

Now you can do an automatic scan of the whole vehicle so you can see the faults, or if you know where the fault is, in our case we know the faults is in the engine control module. We click on that particular system. It’s know as the DME. Then you can look ECU information, live data, but the function we’re interested in is the “Read codes” function because we will diagnose this fault and hope to reset it. So we got the full code P010400 and “Hot film mass airflow sensor no signal”.

Actually I’ve previously diagnosed this fault and put a new mass air flow sensor in, but we still got the fault code. So what we need to do now is telling ECU that we have put a new put in. Go back and click on “Erase codes”, there the check engine light just goes away.

Tap “Read codes” to verify: No fault codes detected. Fantastic, it’s done.

Airbag light reset

Back to Homepage, now we have the airbag light showing on the dashboard. Again click on “Diagnostics” and select our Porsche automatically. So in this case it’s airbag. Click “Read codes”, so we’ve got B100B1B and “Driver side airbag limit value exceeded”.

We have already had a look around and found that there was a loose connection underneath the driver’s seat. We put the loose connection back together but we’re still getting the airbag light and the fault code. So all we need to do is just erasing the code. Click on to erase codes. Some prompts here, just click on “Yes”, and there we go airbag light is gone. Also, tap “Read codes” to verify.

Honestly this tool goes deeper in diagnosis than just these. It covers all systems. Exit this section, we go into the “Service” section and look at all of the special function. We’ve got here steering angle sensor, DPF, brake bleeding, new battery registration, throttle control, oil reset and various others.

Well, this Autel MaxiCOM MK808, it’s a fantastic tool.