Ford Explorer 2011 PCM Programming and Parameter Reset by Autel IM608

This is the procedure on how we replace and program the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) for Ford Explorer 2011 using Autel IM608. If we put on the new module without programming it, the car with new PCM will not start and immobilizer will act up.


So let’s see how to do it.


Step 1 PCM Programming

First we select “Diagnostics” and “Auto Scan” to enter the main menu.

Then we press

Programming>>Programmable Module Installation>>PCM

It will copy VIN number and other information from the module.

Press “OK” and confirm the VIN number.

Then switch off the ignition.

Install a new module (PCM) in vehicle as the prompt.

Then switch on the ignition.

Here the car won’t start as we mentioned before.

And make sure the battery is good and turn off all accessories.

Now it’s configuring information.

Switch off the ignition to finish this step.


Step 2 Parameter Reset

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We select “IMMO” and “Auto detect” to enter the main menu.

Then press

Smart key>>Control unit>>Keyless System(CAN)>>Key learning

Now we’ve got options about parameter reset.

We select “Parameter reset (BCM & PCM)”

Turn on the ignition.

Usually it takes ten minutes.

After that we have to do “Parameter reset (BCM & RFA)”

Once two parameter reset processes are finished, the car can start.


Done! Nice and simple!

This is how we replace a new PCM for Ford Explorer 2011 by Autel MaxiIM IM608.