How to Unlock BMW Key with Autel IM508/ IM608 + XP400 Pro?

Autel MaxiIM IM508/ IM608 + XP400 Pro can unlock BMW key with ease. This is a quick guide to show the operation process.

Firstly, we should prepare an used BMW key. Like this one that had already linked to a 3 series E90.


  1. Check BMW Key Status

IMMO >> Accept >> BMW >> OK >> Manual selection >> 3 series >> 2007/09 – 2011/12 E90 >> Yes >> Control unit >> CAS3/CAS3+ Immobilizer >> Key operation >> Key status


Please connect IM508/ IM608 to the XP400 PRO programmer and put the key into the programmer slot.


As it’s said, this key is locked.


  1. Unlock BMW Key

Because I have the key information, so I’ll unlock it with data. You can also try unlock with EEPROM or by OBD if possible.

Unlock key >> Unlock with key data


This function uses the key data backed up with “Back up key data” function to unlock key.

Select data file to backup >> Click on VIN number >> OK


Trying unlock key, please wait…

Key unlock successfully!


With XP400 PRO, the IM508 was able to unlock the key, so now it should be a virgin key. That means I can program it to another BMW.


Let’s go back to check the key status.

It is unlocked now!


This is how to use Autel IM508/ IM608 to unlock a BMW key.