How to Disable Key on Benz W220 2005 via OBD by Autel IM608?

Want to disable keys lost for safety? Here Autelshop shares the way to use Autel IM608 auto professional diagnostics to disable key on Mercedes-Benz W220 S280 2005 via OBD with XP400.


Let’s start it.

1.Check key number available.

Connect Autel IM608 Key Programmer to XP400 Key Programmer.

Go to

Programmer>>Mercedes-Benz>>Expert selection>>Key>>IR

We have two keys, so

Put one key into the XP400 IR key slot.

Select “Read key information” to read first key info.

Key number 1, we get.

Insert another key to read its info.

Key number 3, we get.

So we have key 1 and key 3.


2.Check key info in EIS

Back to “Expert selection” function list.


EIS tools>>Read EIS data>>OBD>>On vehicle>>Auto scan

Here we know we need to disable key number 2.


3.Disable key

Back to “EIS tool” interface.


Disable key>>On vehicle>>Auto scan

Select “Key number 2 Used | Not disabled” and press “OK”.

Key erasing success.

Again select “Auto scan” to verify.

Now this Mercedes is safe from the lost key.


Alright, easy way to disable Benz IR key by Autel IM608 auto professional diagnostics.


More functions to be explored!


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