Solution: Autel MK906BT Can’t Find Opel Car Software


My Autel MaxiCOM MK906BT diagnostic tool does not have Opel car model software. I’ve searched Opel on and it should have. What’s the matter, please help!



This is the solution In case users cannot find certain specific car models on Autel MK906BT or other Automotive Diagnostic System scanners.


Method 1. Download needed car software in Update.

– If you’re newer, upgrade to the latest version firstly, then download: Update >> download System Program & Libcom >> download car software;

– If you already have the latest version, go to download car software in “Update” directly.


Method 2. Re-download car software after factory reset.

– Factory reset path: Settings >> Reset

– Follow method 1.


Problem was solved! Thanks to engineer.


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