BMW Mini F56 2014 Battery Registration via Autel MD806 Pro

Autel MaxiDiag MD806 Pro Professional Scan Tool can support to do BMW Mini Cooper F56 2014 battery registration(BMS reset) successfully. If you’ve replaced battery for your BMW recently, you may need to do it.


Plug Autel MD806 Pro cable into OBDII, press

Service >> BMS >> European >> MINI >> BMS reset


Read notes:

Scene: Battery replacement.

Condition: Turn the ignition on and turn the engine off.


Store current mileage for battery replacement.

Delete stored measurement values(current, voltage, temperature, battery charge status, etc.).

Initialize power management.

Press “OK”.


MD806 Pro will display old battery & new battery model details.

If you’d like to do any changes, press “Edit” in middle, otherwise, press “Finish”.


Registration succeeded!


Very simple & fast in 2 minutes.


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