Autel MaxiSys MS908S Pro Program BMW F032 Airbag Coding

I’m working on a BMW 4 series F032 and its airbag control module has been changed. It’s under the pedals and had been deployed in this car. After a full diagnosis with Autel MaxiSys MS908S Pro Scan Tool, it came back with these fault codes:

93C9DC – seat belt buckle contact, rear center: open circuit.
930A54 – airbag sensor, front left door; Coding data do not match equipment.
930A5E – airbag sensor, front right door: Coding data do not match equipment.

The 930A54 & 930A5E errors are causing the light to actually stay on. Even if I had erased fault codes, the airbag light is still on. So solution is to program BMW airbag coding. Except for MS908S Pro tablet, either Autel MaxiCOM MK908P or Autel Maxisys Ultra can complete BMW coding as well.

Programming >> OK >> OK
Note: make sure the WIFI is off.
Here to check how to connect all cables, J2534 and MS908S Pro.

Identify car model, press “OK”.
Autel MS908S Pro will automatically calculate the programming measurement plan, which may take a few minutes. Press “OK”.

Coding >> Selective coding
It’s already highlighted what needs coding, but I’m not going to go through everything. The only thing I need is the ACSM(Airbag-Advanced Crash Safety Module).

Unhighlight everything else, I’ll just select “FEM(Front Electronic Module)” and “REM(Rear Electronic Module)” together. Press “OK”.

Completing action plan…

Execute measures plan to wait downloading files.
After download completed.
Connect VCI to MS908S Pro with USB cable or ethernet cable. Press “OK”.


  1. Turn off engine.
  2. Switch on terminal 15(ignition).

Make sure your vehicle battery remains steady above 13V before programming or coding. Press “OK” to continue.

The MS909S Pro is going to go through every single one of these and hopefully code it in. It will say here coded, successful or unsuccessful.
Just wait for it to process…

As you can see, it’s been successful and everything’s coded in nicely.
It has already deleted fault codes that’s stored in the airbag control module. The airbag warning light has gone. That’s to do with the lighting system because one of the headlights not fitted yet.

Just turn off the cluster itself and it will turn it back on in a second. Nothing is back on.


This is how to do BMW airbag coding with Autel MS908S Pro to solve 930A54 & 930A5E DTCs.