BMW 325i Learn Valvetronic Limit Positions with Autel Ultra

How to do BMW 325i Learn Valvetronic Limit Position using with Autel Maxisys Ultra Auto Diagnostic Tool? If you’ve replaced the cylinder head cover gasket recently, you may read this post to learn how to do.


The procedure goes for other BMW models as well.



Connect Autel Ultral with OBD, go to do an Anto Scan firstly.

Locate “DME(Engine-Motor Electronics)” in scan results and enter in.

Make sure there’s not fault codes.


Go to service >> Power train >> Engine electronics, quality control valve(MSV) >> Adjustment functions >> Learn Valvetronic limit positions


After every repair on the Variable Valve Timing(VVT) gear, the stops of the adjustment mechanism must be learned again at minimum and maximum valve lift.

During the learning procedure, the eccentric shaft is turned slowly in the minimum lift direction until mechanical resistance is felt.

Then, this position at the mechanical stop is stored.

The same procedure is performed for the maximum valve lift stop.


Switch off terminal 15 and terminal R.

Wait until the Digital Motor Electronics(DME) main relay has deactivated.

Turn terminal 15 on.


In the next test step, the stops are learned.


Limit positions successfully learnt.

Press “Continue” to end test module.


If fault code 2A46 was entered, clear fault code memory.

Service function completed.


Go back “DME(Engine-Motor Electronics)” to check trouble codes.

No trouble codes are detected.



This is how to use Automotive Diagnostic System scan tool – Maxisys Ultra to do BMW learn valvetronic limit positions.


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