Autel MK908P Register 2012 BMW 328i Battery for Shut Off Issue

One of my customer installed a new battery on his 2012 BMW 328i F30. It happened to him the car ran for a couple of minutes then suddenly shut off. It is a 90AH BMW battery. So following I’m gonna use Autel MaxiCOM MK908P diagnostic tool to register battery for this car. Thus, the problem should be solved.


Autel MK908 auto scanner or Autel MS906BT diagnostic tablet can also refer to the operations below.


Connect Autel MK908 Pro with OBDII, select

Diagnostics >> BMW >> Automatic selection >> Read >> OK >> Yes >> Hot functions >> BMS >> Register battery exchange


F1: Register the battery replacement.

F2: Display distance reading at last battery exchange and one before last.

Note: The history of the last battery exchange is deleted after programming.

Here select “F1”.


Enter the battery exchange: same capacity or higher/lower capacity.

Mine is same, because all I’m doing is just swapping out another battery.


Is the newly installed battery an original component? Yes

Is there a data matrix code on the label of the newly installed battery? No

Is there a supplier number and battery terminal stamp on the label of the newly installed battery? No


The battery exchange was successfully registered.

The following was entered:

Last battery exchange: 167360km

Last but one battery exchange: 167240km



In some engine control units, it is possible that, after the registration, the last battery exchange and the last but one battery exchange are set to 0km or can be displayed correctly only after going to the history of the last battery exchange again.



Full functionality is only available with a valid state of charge. Functions such as the Automatic Start/Stop function or intelligent generator control can be restricted up to a fully valid charge state or can be unavailable.


In the next step, the data and time of the vehicle will be set.


The date and time were set successfully in the vehicle.


If the set date and time are not correct or if the values are implausible, the date and time of the vehicle may need to be set manually.


Service function completed.



This is using Autel MK908 Pro to solve BMW shut off problem by reason of battery replacement.


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