Solved: Autel MK906BT Failed to Download Data 11003 Error Code

Problem: My Autel MaxiCOM MK906BT scanner is connected to working WiFi. But this error I get doesn’t generate something in the data log. I know that AutoVIN works but when it try to scan car it fails because it wants to downloads something from somewhere and that fails.


The fail is not because of loss of Internet connection, but no authorization to download the required file for scanning I think.


It says: “Failed to download data. Please check the network and try again error code [11003].”

“VIN decoding failed.”




In this case, the reason why caused 11003 issue is because the update subscription of  Autel MK906BT has expired. The latest 2016- Volvo data can only download online from server which is within its validity.



  1. Use “Manual Selection” to enter VIN;
  2. Buy One Year Update Subscription to extend service;
  3. If the above can not be solved, please upload logs on failed page for Autel support;



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