Autel MaxiCOM MK906BT Review: Unboxing & First Impression

Just got my Black Friday package today. It is Autel MaxiCOM MK906BT diagnostic scan tool bought from Exactly a big one than expected. Following I’ll make an unboxing review to see what’s inside.


As you can see, the box says it’s a Automotive Diagnostic System scanner with 64G ROM. Let’s start unpacking.


Alright, it comes with a big and hard black case for carrying. It feels solid to well protect components. So that I can put it in my trunk for any urgent repairs on road or door to door repair service.


Can’t wait to open it. The MK906BT tablet is laying firmly in groove with a protection tape. Below MK906BT tablet, it’s putting with an user manual, a quick start guide and a small wiper.


The middle box is putting a Bluetooth MaxiVCI V100 that has a light to help find OBD2 port in the dark. The right accessories box are putting with 3 connection cables.


Let’s go to see the adapters: Here are Mitsubishi/Hyundai adapter, VW/AUDI adapter, Benz – 38 adapter, Benz – 14 adapter, Chrysler adapter, GM/ Daewoo adapter, Honda adapter, BMW adapter, Kia adapter, Nissan adapter.


Now power on Autel MK906BT scanner to have a quick preview. It has 3 pages for main functions, including diagnostics, service, shop manager, data manager, settings, update, VCI manager, support, academy, remote desk, quick link, MaxiFix, function viewer, digital inspection, MaxiScope, remote diagnosis.


Go access to Diagnostics, it’s said Autel scan tools are featured with wide car coverage. Actually it has 6 pages for the car model list. Believe this tool will give me a lot of help in my future work.


You can trust a brand from details, that’s why I bought Autel. I’ll test on several cars to update more Autel MK906BT Reviews someday.

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