Autel MP808TS Tests A/C Clutch for 2017 Honda Accords

How to test & check A/C compressor clutch with Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS scan tool? The 2013-2017 Honda Accords AC cools well but works intermittently. So I’m gonna use MP808TS scanner to test it and introduce manual method. The procedure should apply to other car makes as well.

How to test A/C clutch with Autel MP808TS?
Connect MP808TS with vehicle, enter into
Diagnostics >> Honda >> System selection >> USA >> Diagnosis >> Control unit >> Engine-PGM FI >> Active test >> A/C clutch
Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS

Activators the A/C compressor clutch relay.
Test enable condition: ignition switch ON(Do not start the engine.)

This test operates A/C clutch manually. Press “Yes” to continue.

Press “OK” to toggle the state of the A/C clutch.
A/C clutch command status: OFF.
The compressor clutch will move when I toggle this button.
A/C clutch command status: ON
If I press “OK” again, it will move again.
Try several times, and it goes off.

If you’re having more of an intermittent problem, you may need to cycle this on and off for quite a bit. Just to try to replicate the fault.
Autel MP808TS

How to test A/C Clutch manually?
On the other hand, if this test doesn’t work. Following I’m going to show the manual way of testing the compressor clutch directly. You may also want to swap out your AC compressor clutch replay with a similar one in the fuse box. Just to rule out a bad relay. Testing the AC compressor clutch manually is easy.

Step1. Locate the AC compressor, as well as the single wire that supplies voltage to the AC compressor. Remove the electrical connector, you’re going to find a single prong. Connect a wire to it(here I’m using alligator clips).

Step2. With the other end of the lead, you touch that to the positive terminal of the battery. The AC compressor engages each time that I touch the lead.

This is how to test A/C compressor clutch with Autel MP808TS diagnostic tool or by manually operating directly.