Autel MP808TS Tests Electronic Throttle Control System

This is guide to testing electronic throttle control system(ETCS) for vehicles with Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS Diagnostic Tool. Tested on a 2017 Honda Accord, works for many car makes as well. Test with MP808TS scanner can save time to diagnose driveability issues caused by dirty throttle body. “

This is a really nice active test for tune-up enthusiasts, as it can give you a good idea of when to clean your electronic throttle body.

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Whats Electronic Throttle Control System(ETCS)?
The electronic throttle control system is made up of the accelerator or gas pedal, plus the accelerator position sensor, the electronic throttle body, and the ECU. These 3 items make up the system. The ETCS is an integral part of newer cars and now goes beyond helping you just accelerate or decelerate. It’s usually integrated into other essential systems like adaptive cruise control, collision avoidance systems, electronic stability control and so on. This is why issues with the throttle body affect other systems and lead to.

How to do ETCS(TAC) Test with Autel MP808TS
Diagnostics >> Honda >> USA >> Yes >> Diagnosis >> Control unit >> Engine-PGM FI >> Active test >> ETCS(TAC) test >> ETCS(TAC) test

*(TAC = Throttle Actuator Control)

Controls the TAC replay and activates the throttle valve.
At first, cycles the TAC relay to test relay operation and the communication line between the ECM/PCM and the throttle actuator control module.

Next, activates the throttle valve and monitors the throttle valve angle against target valve angle commanded by ECM/PCM. This test can be used as a verification test. It is halted if a DTC is detected during test.

Part 1. Test TAC replay
Test enable condition: ignition switch ON(Do not start the engine.)
This test can also give you an idea of whether the motor in the throttle body itself is becoming worn.

The throttle valve and relay are activated automatically.
Press “Yes” to continue.

Now testing…

We can see the command status & replay CMD status turns from OFF to ON.
Turn the ignition switch off.
Turn the ignition switch on.

Test finished.
Throttle actuator control replay system is normal.
Press “OK”.

Part 2. Throttle valve activation
At this point, it makes sense to move over to the engine bay, so that we also hear the sound that the butterfly plate is going to make as the ECU commands it to open.
Press “OK”, it begins to test.

This part of the test works by the ECM commanding the motor in the throttle body to open up the butterfly valve to varying degrees. The actual position of the butterfly plate is. Then read from the throttle position sensor, and the tool makes a comparison between the commanded value, versus the actual value. Wide variations between the two would lead to the test failing.

Test finished.
System is normal.
If it fails, this would be a good time to clean the throttle body.

More tests about Automotive Diagnostic System MP808TS scanner to be updated…