How to Update Autel Diaglink Software with Maxi PC Suite?

Autel Diaglink Diagnostic Scanner only supports to download & update software with Maxi PC Suite in Windows system. DOES NOT support MAC version Maxi PC Suite. Please use a Windows computer to acquire software.


Users can free download 1 vehicle software for the first time. Please Free Get the desired software firstly, otherwise, users can’t acquire anymore once purchased.


How to download & update Autel Diaglink software?

  1. Update the DiagLink management program at first;


  1. The program list will be loaded automatically. Users will get the interface if having never downloaded any software packages;

(If the OBD latest version was already installed, it won’t show in the list.)


  1. Find out the desired vehicle software to download, click “Free Get”. It needs to login to continue;


  1. After reloading, users can update the selected software to latest version;


  1. When installation is completed, users can purchase & refresh other desired vehicle software.



* To batch update, Select all >> Update

* Users can click “Pause” to suspend all progresses anytime.

* When download is completed, installation will automatically finish. New version will replace old version.

* When purchased software exceed the valid date, users can click “Renew” on

* All Autel Automotive Diagnostic System tablets support to update on device directly, no need Maxi PC Suite. For printing purpose, just use PC link directly.



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