Comparison Review: MaxiCOM MK808TS vs MaxiPRO MP808TS

This article is about to bring you the exact comparison between MaxiCOM MK808TS and MaxiPRO MP808TS.


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Product Name Autel MaxiCOM MK808TS Autel MaxiPRO MP808TS
Price(USD) 763$ 888$
Update Subscription(USD) 240$/year after
one-year free update
470$/year after
one-year free update
Supported brands 76 61
Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Yes Yes
Bi-directional Control No Yes, standard
Actuation Test No Yes, standard
All-system diagnosis Yes Yes
Read/clear DTCs Yes Yes
Auto VIN Yes Yes
Live data Yes Yes
ECU information Yes Yes
Freeze Frame Yes Yes
Service Functions
Special functions 28+ 30+
Oil Reset Yes Yes
ABS Bleeding Yes Yes
BMS Yes Yes
Brake Bleeding Yes Yes
Throttle Yes Yes
DPF Regeneration Yes Yes
Injector Yes Yes
Suspension Yes Yes
EPB Yes Yes
SAS Yes Yes
Immo keys Yes, not good Yes, not good
Complete TPMS functions
Complete TPMS Diagnosis Yes Yes
Activate TPMS sensors Yes Yes
Program TPMS Sensors Yes,only Autel MX-Sensor Yes,only Autel MX-Sensor
TPMS/OBDII relearn Yes Yes

Similarities between
MaxiCOM MK808TS and MaxiPRO MP808TS

1)Both have complete TPMS functions, that’s what their “TS” means.


2)Provide similar all-system diagnosis and service functions. Coverage has slight difference.


3)Only support programming Autel MX-Sensor. Other Brands’ TPMS sensors are not valid, but most TPMS sensors can be activated.


4)Support Odometer check, but don’t support Odometer correction.


5)Immo keys function is not good. It is designed for Asian vehicles that have Low-grade anti-theft systems but Not for Audi, Benz, BMW, VW with advanced Immo systems. For advanced Immo function, please check Autel IM508 Professional Key Programming Tool.


6)They cannot work with a passthru device.


Difference between MaxiCOM MK808TS and MaxiPRO MP808TS


1)MP808TS provides active test while MK808TS doesn’t. Here is part of Honda Compression Test.


2)MP808TS has bi-directional control while MK808TS doesn’t, although it’s not enough. If you want advanced bi-directional control like flashing, programming or updating ECUs, you may consider MK908/MK908P.


3)MK808TS has lower price but larger coverage.



MK808TS/MP808TS, either can be a choice for small repair shop or garage who needs advanced TPMS function. For professional technician or repair shop, both are nothing like enough, including bi-directional function of MP808TS.

If you have other scanners, want only TPMS function, MaxiTPMS TS601 is enough. Consider if you need bi-directional control and actuation/active test. If not, MK808TS with lower price but larger coverage is a good choice; If yes, choose MP808TS.


Alright, hope this could help you decide which is better for yourself.

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