Autel MK906BT Reset 2024 BMW Oil Service Date & Mileage

Today I’m going to show how to set the service interval yourself on a new 2023 or 2024 BMW. In order to make the correction, you must use a diagnostic tool such as Autel MaxiCOM MK906BT, MK906 Pro or MK906 Pro-TS, etc. Because in this regard, Autel works very well.


Our vehicle has a mileage 12,069km on its odometer and oil change service date has been displayed for 900km. We’ll now start to read out the service data using with Autel MK906BT scanner.



Operational Produce

Maintenance >> Reset CBC >> Continue >> Continue >> Continue

The the service counter 1 is availability 0%.

Now we initiate the reset of the engine oil service.

Engine oil service will be reset…

The service counter 2 is availability 100%.

We don’t want service counter 2, only need service counter 1, so press “ESC”.



We can see the service on dashboard is back to 25,000km. This is wrong, we want a different kilometers value. So we have to set the service mileage to about 13,000km.


CBS Vehicle Data Correction >> Press the date >> If it’s correct, continue >> Select the Engine Oil service >> Correction


Select “F2: Setting the availability”.

By entering the measured distance value and the date of the last change.

Now you have to choose the reason for the correction.

We select F1 as the reason condition based service: CBS reset performed by mistake.


Do you want to reenter the values for the scope of the maintenance work? Yes, select F1.


Following you must enter the date of your last service appointment and then the mileage your car had at that time.

In our case, this was 06.06.2023, and the car had a mileage of 6km.

Confirm the date and check all details, press F1.

Enter the mileage of the last service date: 6km

Choose miles(F1) or kilometers(F2).

Continue to choose F1: Except the newly calculated distance measurement value for the next change.

The service counter is now back to 1 just as we wanted it to be.

Autel MK906BT asks if we want to change the counter? No.



These are the values we wanted.

The next service appointment is now due again in 13,000km.




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