Autel IM608 II Renew & Program Used Mercedes-Benz TCU

Today I’m going to renew and program these two Mercedes-Benz transmission modules on bench, transferring data from the original one to the new one. That’ll need to use Autel IM608 Pro2 to read TCU data, then write to the new module.



  1. Read Original TCU

Connect original TCU to Autel IM608 II.

Immo >> Accept >> Mercedes-Benz >> Expert selection >> TCU tools >> Read TCU data >> OK >> Yes

Succeeded in saving transmission data!



  1. Renew TCU

Connect new TCU to Autel IM608 II.

Press “Renew TCU”.

This function can be completed only on bench. Please connect wires according to the wiring diagram to execution of this function.

Have wires been connected correctly? Yes


Do you want to obtain the erasure password? OK

Succeeded in calculating the erasure password!

We can see the transmission data, the Personalized & Activated are “Yes”.

Do you want to save transmission data? No

Succeeded in renewing transmission.


Do you want to read transmission data? Yes

Now we can see the transmission data.

The VIN stay the same, but “Personalized” & “Activated” are “No”.

Press “OK”.



  1. Write TCU Data

Now let’s write the original info to the new one.

Write TCU data >> Yes >> OK >> Load the saved TCU data file

We can see the number, personalized & activated are all changed.

Press “OK”.

Succeeded in writing!



  1. Activated TCU & Write VIN

Activated TCU >> Succeeded in activating transmission!

Write VIN >> Enter a 17-digit VIN >> OK

Succeeded in writing VIN.


Go back to read TCU data, everything is okay.




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