Maxisys Elite II Solved 2013 Nissan Sentra High Idle with ETB Reset

This is a 2013 Nissan Sentra that having a high idle problem. Its idle keeps really high when I turning it on. And once it warms a little bit it just drops a little bit. It stays always on 1500 revolutions per minute. So I’m going to use Autel Maxisys Elite II Scanner to do ETB(throttle body) reset for this vehicle.


It’s pretty much the same process for a lot of old vehicles and new ones. Should work for 2010-2017 Nissan Sentra vehicles as well.


Automatic Procedure via Autel Elite II

Connect Elite II with OBD, after identify car model, go into

Hot functions >> Throttle >> Idle air vol learn

Read instruction, make sure all condition must be met:

  1. Battery voltage: >=12.00v(idle).
  2. Engine coolant temp: 70-100°
  3. PNP switch: on
  4. Electric load switch: off(a/c, headlight, rear defoger).
  5. For the vehicle equipped with day running light, please turn light switch to 1, only small light on.
  6. Fan blower: off.
  7. Steering wheel: middle position(straight ahead).
  8. Vehicle speed: stop.
  9. Air cond sig: off.
  10. Pw/st signal: on.
  11. Heater fan sw: off.
  12. Press start button, a message “please wait for 5 min…”is displayed.
  13. A/T: depress the brake and shift the gear selector into R to make the engine idle stably.
  14. M/T: disassemble the air filter, block the air inlet with your hand, and drop the idle speed below 1,000 rpm. In this case, the learning will be successful 10s later.(Note: blocking the air inlet must not cause the engine to stall).


Click “OK” when ready


Automatic matching >> Start

Autel Elite II Diagnostic Tool is executing automatically…

Just gonna wait…until the revolutions drop


As you can see, the idle is fixed now, and just took a little bit to get it done.

* It takes about 10 mins to finish. Restart the procedure if it stays executing all the time.


Car is normal, there’s no more high idle on this car.

Problem has solved!


This is how to fix the high idle on a 2013 Nissan Sentra with Autel Maxisys Elite II Automotive Diagnostic System scanner.


Manual Procedure If in Need

Step1. Turn on ignition to wait at least 2s without stepping on the gas pedal. Turn ignition off to wait 10s. Turn ignition back on for at least 2 more seconds, then turn off again.


Step2. Turn on ignition on to wait 2s, then turn off again for 10s. Make sure at this time you can hear the electric motor on throttle moving. It’s a buzzing sound.


Step3. Run engine until it gets to operating temperature. Turn engine off to wait at least 10s. Turn ignition on without starting engine or pressing the accelerator. Wait 3s.


Step4. Fully press & release the accelerator pedal 5 times in 5s. Ending with the pedal completely released. Now press the pedal fully to the floor for 20s or until the service engine light stops blinking and is on solid. Release the pedal in 3s after the light becomes solid.


Step5. Start engine & let it idle, wait 20s. Rev the engine a few times to make sure the idle returns to normal idle speed.


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