Autel MS906 Pro Review: Newer, Lighter & Larger RAM

This is an unboxing review for 2022 newest product Autel MaxiSYS MS906 Pro Diagnostic Tablet. As you can see, it’s slightly smaller than the smaller box. Following I’m gonna show you guys.


Unboxing Review

The Autel has given us a new tablet product which is different from the other one. The Autel MS906 Pro has a more sleek design. And the adapter set is coming separately. Its Bluetooth dongle MaxiVCI V200 is also in the new Autel range, coming with light similar to the old one.


The new design is more lighter and rigid than the other tablets. Along with the package there’s a USB hub integrated with ethernet, a charger and cables for connecting to laptop data power adapter.


The Autel MS906 Pro is the latest model of 906 series coming with 128gb memory and 4gb ram. It is similar to the Ultra series like MS909, MS919. You can notice it’s a new design of water on backside.


Functions Overview

These basic functions are on menu: Diagnostics, service, ADAS, data manager, settings, VCI manager, support, update, battery test, remote desktop, quick link, demonstration, user feedback, maxiViewer, MaxiVideo, Maxiscope.


In the diagnostics function, you can see it will have all the auto coverage. It’s of course one of the best coverage.


In the service function, now MS906 Pro is coming standard with more services than Autel MK906BT. But 906 will be getting these updates in their next updates. So the person who are having MK906BT don’t have to worry. Like this rain/light sensor & electronic water pump start, which are new feature in the services.


It’s coming with CAN FD protocol in-built. All the other services are similar to other models. Including oil reset, EPB, TPMS, BMS, brake bleed, aftertreatment, immo keys, injector, SAS, suspension, throttle, WIN DR ROOF, seats, odometer, language change, headlamp, CHG tire size, TEC learn, ABS/SRS, cylinder, VGT learn, speed & PTO, clutch, trans adaptation, airbag reset, A/F setting, automatic start/stop, EGR, VIN, FRM reset, transport mode, HV battery, ACC, A/C, etc.


Generally speaking, the MS906 Pro tablet is much newer, mostly lighter, having more memory and ram. This is Autel MS906 Pro review on unboxing & functions. More test review to be updated…


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