Autel MP808 Review: Accurate, Professional & Worthy

This is Autel MaxiPRO MP808 Scan Tool that I just got recently. It’s able to do more things you can do. Right now I’m testing it on this 2008 Jaguar XF. I’m trying to check a little bit about its ability.


This vehicle got overheating issues, so I’m gonna connect Autel MP808 to do a quick diagnostic scan. I’ve already tried it on different Mercedes, on this vehicle it also works fine.


So I did the quick test. It scans through all the modules, and Ive got an issue in my powertrain control module. Here I can check ECU information, read codes, erase codes and view live data. Just read the codes, it tells me that this vehicle has some fan performance issues which is probably why it’s overheating. 3 trouble codes with description: P0483-97, P0483-09 & U0405-8F.


So Let me go back and look at the live data. I can probably see what the engine temperature and stuff like that. It does show quite a few values, showing everything about the oxygen sensors and positions of different sensors.


There’s coolant temperature right there 93 degrees celsius. In most Mercedes, it’s closer to 80 degrees celsius. So it’s probably running a little high right now. It turns out the diagnostic result is accurate and professional.


In addition, MP808 was able to do actuation stuff that I needed to do on the Mercedes. I found it for my application and used to be pretty useful.


MP808 can do the actuations while other scanners could just read but couldnt really tell a control unit to do something. Like you couldn’t roll the window up and down from the tablet here, but it would tell you if it was up or down or going up or down. So MP808 can actually make things do stuff and it can program control units and do different things.


Autel MP808 is much better bang for your bucks. It was €641 and well worth it for what Im doing. I need those actuations and adaptation capabilities. So I recommend this MP808 diagnostic tool.


This is my Autel MP808 Review on a 2008 Jaguar XF, more tests to be continue…


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