Autel KM100 Program Chevy Captiva 2021-2023 All Keys Lost

Today I’m going to program 2021 Chevrolet Captiva all smart keys lost with Autel KM100. Since this model after 2017 is not available in Chevrolet, I’ve tried and find it worked in Baojun model. Hope Autel can update it soon.


Next I’ll show you the steps:

IMMO >> Baojun >> System selection >> Keyless system >> Keyless system(CAN) >> Remote control learning >> All keys lost


When this function is performed on Autel MaxiIM KM100E, all the smart keys of the vehicle will be deleted and the smart keys currently placed in the vehicle will be learned. If you want to add more smart keys, you need to perform the “Key learning” function.


Please turn ignition switch on!

Number of learned keys: 1

Number of keys that can still be configured: 2

Put all keys into the car slot.

Do you want to delete all smart keys before performing key learning? Yes



This smart key has been successfully added. And all the other smart keys have been deleted.

Press “Yes” to continue.


Key relearned

Please turn ignition switch on.

Number of learned keys: 1

Number of keys that can still be configured: 2

Press “Yes” to continue.


  1. Only 1 smart key can be added at a time.
  2. Keep only 1 smart key that needs to be learned in the vehicle and place it in the key recognition area. For the specific location, refer to the help information.

Press “OK”.


Number of learned keys: 2

Number of keys that can still be configured: 1

Do you want to continue key leaning? Yes

Just repeat same operations as below.

Number of learned keys: 3

Key slot full.


Test all 3 keys, all can work perfectly.




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