Autel IM608 Pro2 Program Mercedes Benz New Key by OBD

Programming keys to a Mercedes poses a tough problem for techs. For most models, you need to use the VCI & XP400Pro. Today we’re here to demonstrate how to add a Mercedes key with Autel IM608 Pro2 by OBD.


Connect XP400Pro & IM608 II to OBD via JVCI.

Before any key programming, we should perform a pre-scan on our vehicle to get car info. Select “Immo status scan”.


Autel IM608 II comes up clean without any fault codes.

So let’s move forward to: Add key >> On vehicle >> Begin


First, we need to press any button and hold it close to the programmer.

Next, insert the working key into XP400Pro programmer, press “OK”.

Is this ignition key a smart key? No

Confirm key info, press “OK”.


Put the blank key close to XP400Pro Programmer remote reception position and press any button of the key.

Remove the working key to replace blank key into XP400Pro programmer.

Is there a key password? No

Press “OK” to enter password calculation process.


Take the blank key out of XP400Pro programmer and select “Begin”.

For this process, we may need to place the working key into ignition a few times but do not turn the ignition.

Follow the instructions to turn ignition on.

Then place into XP400Pro programmer.


Now we have our key password. We can proceed with adding our new key.

Insert the ignition key into EIS and wait for 30s.


Insert the blank key into XP400pro programmer again.

The new key is successfully added.


Make sure the new key is working by turning on the engine and locking/unlocking the doors.


If all your keys are lost, the process may take all day. Luckily G-BOX3 will help shorten the time and simplify the process.


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