Autel IM608 II Program Mercedes W220 All Keys Lost on Bench

Today I’m gonna use Autel IM608 Pro II to program Mercedes-Benz W220 all keys lost by reading eeprom on bench. In this way, it only takes me 4 minutes, which is a lot quicker than getting password to program keys.


Before that, I have to remove W220 EIS from vehicle, then connect to IM608 II + XP400 Pro device.


Step1. Read & Save EEPROM Data

IMMO >> Accept >> Mercedes-Benz >> OK >> Expert selection >> EIS tools >> Read EEPROM data >> EIZ_W220(ST12) >> OK

The current transponder data information is going to be saved.

Succeed in saving the transponder data information.


Step2. Generate Key File

Key >> IR >> Generate key file >> Load the saved EEPROM data file in step1 >> OK >> OK >> Select a blank position: key number8 >> OK >> v51(Half smart key) >> OK

Generating key file, please wait…

Succeeded to generate key file!


Step3. Write BE Key

Press “Write BE key file”.

Insert the third party blank key into the infrared keyhole on XP400 Pro programmer.

Selected the saved key file in step2.

Key file writing completed!


Disconnect all wires, plug the EIS back into the vehicle.

Test the new key, it does work.



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