Autel IM608 II Add 2015 Chrysler Town & Country Key by OBD

Today we’re working on a 2015 Chrysler Town & Country. We have a working key and want to add 3 additional keys for this car with Autel IM608 II key programmer.


IMMO >> Accept >> VIN >> Auto detect >> Chrysler(America)

If you have a learned key, turn on the ignition.

To execute function in “Automatic selection”, please select correct vehicle brand.

If it is old pre 2006 model, please give priority selection to “Manual Selection” or “System Selection” !


Fobik Key >> OK

Switch the ignition OFF and then ON again, make sure the engine is off.

Autel IM608 Pro2 has read out password: 3370



Control unit >> Immobilizer/ Smart system >> Immobilizer(CAN) Type 1 >> Key learning >> Erase key


Current number of keys is: 3

Do you want to continue to erase all keys? Yes

Enter & confirm 4-digit password: 3370

Current number of keys is:0

Erasing successful.


Click “Key learning”.

For PEPS, please remove the Start button and insert the key to be learned; Otherwise insert the key directly and then turn the ignition on.

Current number of key is: 0

Do you want to continue to learn the key? Yes


Current number of key is: 1

Learning successful.

Do you want to learn next key? Yes

Turn the ignition off and pull out the current key. Insert another key to be programmed, turn the ignition on, and make sure the engine has not been started.

Just repeat same operation to add more keys.

Current number of keys is: 4

Learning successful.


Okay and now we’ll test out the new keys.

All can work well, done.



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