OTOFIX D1 PRO/ D1 PROS Quick Connection Start Guide

This is a quick guide on how to connect OTOFIX D1 PRO/ D1 PROS for the first time. Read the tutorial carefully to learn.



Before operating or maintaining this unit, please read these instructions carefully, paying extra attention to the safety warnings and precautions. Failure to use the unit correctly may cause damage and/or personal injury and will void the limited product warranty.


  1. Insert the V1 into the vehicle’s DLC, which is generally located under the vehicle dashboard.


  1. Press and hold the Power/ Lock button to turn on the D1 PROS


  1. Pair up the tablet with V1 via Bluetooth to establish a communication link. Pair up the tablet with V1 via USB cable to establish a communication link.


NOTE: The tablet and V1 are configured to automatically synchronize with each other on the initial use, therefore, the pairing is not required.


  1. When the V1 is properly connected to the vehicle and tablet, the VCI status button on the bottom bar of the screen will display a green badge at the bottom-right corner indicating the tablet is ready to start vehicle diagnosis.


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