Autel IM508S Adds 2014 BMW X1 CAS3++(ISTAP) Key by OBD

Hey guys today we’re doing a spare key for 2014 BMW X1 CAS3++(ISTAP) with Autel MaxiIM IM508S Key Programming Tool. It’s a semi-smart slot key.


The first step is to set up your BSU.

Everyone has different opinions but I set mine to 13.4 volts, which I generally don’t have any issues.

Then connect Autel IM508S to the car.


IMMO >> BMW >> Automatic selection >> Read >> OK >> Yes >> Immo status scan


Turn on the ignition.

The current function requires a network connection. Ensure a proper network connection and maintain the network connection during this process.

OK >> Key add



This process requires a network connection for data acquisition. Check the network settings to ensure a connection to Wi-Fi and maintain the network connection during the process.


Turn on the ignition.

Press “Semi-smart key”.


Remove the key from the ignition switch. If it is a smart key, take it out of the vehicle.

Be sure to operate as required, otherwise the vehicle may malfunction.

If the vehicle fails, try to perform [Clear codes] or contact technical support.

Press “Start”.


CAS type: CAS3++(ISTAP)

This is an encrypted version of CAS. Turn on the ignition with a working key.


The current CAS serial number version requires a working key for key learning.

Connect the IM508S to the XP400 PRO Programmer and place the working key in the key slot of the programmer.

Reading key information. Please wait…

Key information read successfully. Proceed to the next step.


Connect the device to the programmer and place the new key in the key slot of the programmer.


Key generated successfully.

Insert the newly generated key into the ignition switch to start the vehicle once.


Can the vehicle be started with the newly generated key? Yes.


Test the new key, all can work.



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