Autel IM508S Adds 2021 Toytoa RAV4 Smart Key by OBD

All right guys, this is 2021 Toyota RAV4. And now we want to program an extra key to this car with Autel MaxiIM IM508S. What happened was the IM508S can actually refurbish the OEM keys, but didn’t help in the system at all. That’s why I should program a brand new key.


IMMO >> Toyota >> Automatic selection >> Read >> OK >> Control unit >> Keyless System(CAN) >> Numbers of keys

Autel IM508S shows: total 2 keys.



Since we’ve already backed up the IMMO data, which will give the PIN codes. Now we just click “Add Smart Key” directly.


This function serves to learn keys and a maximum of 7 keys can be learned.

Please complete the steps within specified time.

Turn on the ignition.

Confirm VIN.

Turn the ignition off and turn on hazard warning lamps.

Have you backed up the EEPROM data of this vehicle? Yes

Select the EEPROM data.

Reading PIN…


Step1. Keep a programmed key close to the start button, the buzzer will beep once.

Step2. Keep the unprogrammed key close to the start button, buzzer will beep twice.

Turn on the ignition.

Put a learned smart key close to the START button.

When learning is completed, a buzzing sound can be heard.

Learning succeeded.


Go back to check key numbers.

Now it says total 3 keys.


Let’s exit to test the keys, both the original and new one can work.




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