Autel G-BOX3 vs. G-BOX2, What’s New & Different?

An Autel IM608 II user has given feedback that he was not allowed to read & write Peugeot 307 ECU. It says: “The current function is only available with G-BOX3 or above device types. Check the G-BOX type.”


What’s Autel G-BOX3?

Autel G-BOX3 is the upgrade version of G-BOX2. It’s a MaxiIM key programming tablet accessory used with the XP400/ XP400 Pro.


  • Faster password calculation for Mercedes Benz all keys lost scenario.
  • 8X faster password calculation for Mercedes Benz W172, W204 and W207 EIS types.
  • 4X faster password calculation for Mercedes Benz W209 and W211 EIS types.
  • BMW DME/DDE ISN reading for 20 types of ECUs, including EDC17, MEVD17, MSV90 and MSD87.
  • Volkswagen ECM IMMO data reading and data synchronization for 18 types, including MQB EDC17 and MED17 ECUs.
  • Bosch engine ECU read and write on Volkswagen, BMW and PSA group vehicles.


What’s new in Autel G-BOX3?

  1. Supports on-vehicle and on-bench fast mode in a all keys lost scenario for Mercedes Benz vehicle using the DAS3 EIS/EZS.
  2. Bosch engine ECU read and write on BMW F-chassis and Volkswagen MQB vehicles.
  3. Compatible with Autel MaxiIM IM608, IM608 Pro, IM608 Pro2, IM508, IM508S(with the purchase of XP400/ XP400 Pro).


  • BOX3 vs. G-BOX2, What’s Different?

Compare to G-BOX2, G-BOX3 is faster and more secure in performing.

  1. G-BOX3 has newly added engine ECU reading/writing for BOSCH MD1/MG1(VAG, BMW, PSA, OPEL, etc.)
  2. G-BOX3 supports faster 8X/4X password calculation for Mercedes Benz than G-BOX2.
  3. G-BOX3 offers faster and more secure reading and writing of Bosch EDC17, MEx17, MD1 and MG1 ECUs.
  4. G-BOX3 supports faster mode in Mercedes Benz all keys lost scenario on vehicle and on bench.


Together with the premiere of the new IM series, new version Autel G-BOX 3 adapter is introduced to the market, which will significantly speed up the IMMO and key programming procedures. For the time being, G-BOX 3 is still in beta and will be available soon.


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