Autel Elite II Guide: App Install/Delete/Backup, Firmware Upgrade,Reset

This is a completed Autel Maxisys Elite II Diagnostic Tool operation guide covering 5 parts:
Part1. Delete & install car software
Part2. Install & uninstall third-party apps
Part3. VCI firmware upgrade
Part4. Backup to SD card
Part5. Settings include factory reset

Part1. How to delete & install Autel Elite II car software?
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ES File Explorer >> Local >> Home >> Scan >> Vehicle
Here we can delete software according to area & car models.

Just selected folder, click “Delete >> OK”.
Once deleted successfully, the corresponding model icon will also disappear in Diagnostics.

To reinstall or download new software, just go to Update.

Part2. How to install & uninstall third-party apps on Elite II?
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  1. Install

Third-party apps path:
ES File Explorer >> Local >> Home >> Scan >> apk_back
This is where to put the installation apk.

  1. Uninstall

Drag the app up to the Uninstall position.
Do you want to uninstall this app? Click “OK”.
Uninstall finished.

Part3. How to update Autel Elite II VCI firmware?
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VCI Manager >> OK >> VCI Update

Make sure the VCI is ON and connect to Elite II device via one of the following ways:

  1. USB cable(Available for upgrading FWD, FWB, OS, FW firmware).
  2. Bluetooth(Only for upgrading FW firmware).

It’s more recommended to use USB cable method for upgrading.

After connection is OK, click “Update now”.
It’ll download & upgrade automatically.
Noticed DO NOT leave the page and disconnect VCI.

Update completed!

Part4. How to backup Elite II software to SD card?
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  1. Locate & copy the relevant car model folder in: ES File Explorer >> Local >> Home >> Scan >> Vehicle.
  2. Paste to: ES File Explorer >> Local >> external_sd


Part5. What can do in Autel Elite II Settings?

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  1. Set the Unit

To set metric unit or imperial unit.

  1. Change Language

Supports to change 15 languages with authorization from dealer.

  1. Set Printing

Supports print via PC-Link & print via Wi-Fi.

  1. Set Report

To turn on/off the function for scan report & report upload to Cloud.

  1. Set Auto Update

To turn on/off the automatic function for OS update, MaxiSys update & vehicle update.

  1. Set Vehicle List

Set to be sorted by frequency of use or alphabetical order.

  1. System Settings

Here’s allow to set screen lock, set do not disturb schedule, wireless & network, display, notifications, sound, apps, storage, battery, memory, location, security, accounts, reset, etc.

Autel Elite II Factory Reset Path:
Settings >> System settings >> Reset >> Factory data reset >> Erase SD card >> Reset tablet

  1. About

To check device info including product name, version number, serial number, password, Lib version, VCI name, VCI firmware version, VCI software version, BAS version, BAS FW version, total space, available space, OS version, Build ID.

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