5 Things about Autel Scanner Subscriptions & Updates

Here brings you my personal understanding on Autel scanner subscriptions & updates. I’m goona use my Autel MK808TS to demonstrate, but it will cover several versions, not just this one.

Things will cover:

1.Additional functions from updates

2.Cost of Autel updates

3.If you need to renew the subcription

4.What to do if the subscription is expiring soon

5.If Autel devices will stop after subscription ends

1.Additional functions from updates

Go into the details of an update before you download it if your subscription expires.

Basically your device just keeps getting more capabilities, and they also withdraw some functions to fix issues like bugs.

That’s the point, let’s cover the update for Jaguar.

Very similiar between the Jaguar and the Land Rover. But here, “The diagosis of 2020 Land Rover Defender is not supported temporarily”. I’m guessing this is because there’s a bug in that software. So if your license is expiring soon, you might be better sticking with the current 2020 update with the defect than having a tool that doesn’t have access to Land Rover Defender 2020.


2.Cost of Autel updates

For this MK808TS, just click on “Renew”, and it will show you the annual price from Autel’s platform. Nearly $600, this is really a lot.

A good thing is that there are authorized dealers who could offer you more affordable price on Autel updates. Ensue that you’re buying from an authorized Autel dealer. Also this price fluctuates a lot. One time I logged in, I was offered a deal for $300+. Of course, watch the exact update you need. Don’t confuse like MK808 with MK808BT.


3.If you need to renew the subcription

It does add functions, but again it comes down to your level of use.

If you’re in a shop and deal with very recent vehicles like 2020 or 2021, then probably yes, because that’s the only way to keep your tools updated. If you’re a DIYer, you’re just working on your personal car, your device doesn’t have any bugs, you may skip a year or two of updates. The good thing is anytime you come back and pay, you have access to all those years of data.


4.What to do if the subscription is expiring soon

I’m not sure yet, but I’m not looking to update this device at that cost. The coverage I get from this is fine and I don’t have any bugs. I would advise you to back up your device if your subscription is coming to an end. Back up all the installation, all the vehicle apps because if something happens, you can restore those from your backup. If you don’t have a backup, then the only way is getting an update by renewing to get the software back.


5.If Autel devices will stop after subscription ends

My Autel MK808TS has just expired, so I’m going to check out whether it’s able to scan cars, perform active tests or bi-directional tests as well as some service functions.

1)All system scan

It’s still workable as you can see for a Honda Accord 2003.

2)Active test on the transmisson shift solenoids

With those clicking sounds, active test on this shift solenoid still works.

3)Key programming

Still able to do AKL programming. It works just as fine as when I did this when I had subscription.

4)Activate the TPMS sensors

Also able to fully activate the TPMS sensors on a Toyota Corolla 2014.


Indeed, there are some vehicles where you may need an active subscription.

The first is very recent Chrysler from 2018 upwards. The reason is that Chrysler updated their gateway system after Jeep hack that made it really difficult for third-party scanners to have access to certain things. Your scanner may have to hook up to Autel servers before the diagnosis of Chrysler since 2018.

Besides, if you have a device with VCI that allows you to do online programming for Benz or BMW, you do need a subscription to carry out those works because you need to log into Autel servers as well.

Other than these two, I don’t know of any other situation where your tool won’t work yet.


Done!Hope this is helpful!