How to Register & Update Autel MaxiIM IM508S?

This is Autel MaxiIM IM508S manual guide on registration & upgrade for beginners. Read this article carefully to start using.


Check video to learn:


How to register Autel IM508S?

  1. Power on Autel IM508S, connect to WiFi: Settings >> System settings >> Network & internet >> Wi-Fi
  2. Go back to homepage, a login page with upgrade prompt will display automatically: Update now >> Install now >> INSTALL >> Open
  3. Click “Register” to enter info, including name, country, address, phone, verification code and password. Remember to select agreement then click “Register” button once completed.
  4. When IM508S shows the SN and password, click “Link”.


Now you’ve registered successfully.


How to update Autel IM508S?

Here you can update IMMO and diagnostic vehicle software as required. Before that, please note to update 3 system software at first.

Update >> Update App & System program & passthru so, LibComms


Once system updates were finished, you can continue to download the relevant vehicle software.


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