How Easy to Create & Share Autel TBE200E Tire Health Report?

This is a guide on how easy to create & share Autel MaxiTPMS TBE200E depth analyzer tire health report for customers.
Note: Make sure Autel TBE200E is connected to WIFI.

Step1. Upgrade to latest version
Version required: V01.19.00 or above.
Settings >> Update >> Update
Upgrade speed depends on your WIFI.
It’ll take about 1 minute to download, install and reboot.

When getting the safety tips, which means done.
Now you can use TBE200E Examiner to diagnose any tires.
Autel MaxiTPMS TBE200E Autel TBE200E Brake Examiner

Step2. Create & Share Tire Health Report
Once you have completed a scan, go to
Data Query >> Last Test/ Report Query >> Scroll down to Generate Report >> OK
Be sure to enter the customer’s vehicle information.

After completing the form, press “Next” to generate the report.

Once generated, Autel TBE200E Brake Examiner will produce a QR code.

Using your mobile device to scan & open the report.
(We have shown an iphone but this will work with any mobile devices)

The report can now be shared electronically or printed using your device’s capabilities.

This is how to create & share tire health report with MaxiTPMS TBE200E tester.