Benz Sprinter DPF Regeneration with Autel AP200

How to do Mercedes Benz Sprinter Diesel Particulate Filter(DPF) regeneration with Autel MaxiAP AP200 OBD2 Scanner? Read the post to learn.


Service >> DPF >> Benz_Sprinter >> Automatic selection >> Read >> OK >> Sprinter III 906 >> Diesel >> Hot functions >> Diesel particle filter >> Diesel particulate filter >> Regeneration of the Diesel Particulate Filter(DPF)


Risk of burn injuries caused by hot exhaust gases:

– During regeneration, very hot exhaust gas appears from the exhaust system.


Rules of conduct and protective actions:

– The hood shall be closed.

– Ensure that there are no objects in the vicinity of the exhaust pipe.


First aid measures in case of burns:

– Do not rub the affected body part, but flush the area with plenty of cold water and cover with sterile bandages.

– Consult a physician immediately.

Press “OK” to continue.



– Engine oil temperature(EOT): > 60℃

– engine at idle

Status of the related actual value:


Engine oil temperature: 97.0℃


The following conditions MUST be fulfilled:

– Shift lever is in position P or N.

– Engine at idle.

– Vehicle stops.

– Parking brake is operated.

– Warning if fuel reserve is achieved. Off

– No fault codes present.

– Engine diagnosis indicator lamp off.

– A/C off.

Press “Next” to continue.


– Check oil level with clipstick with engine switched off; adjust to correct level if necessary.

– Operate the parking brake.

– Move the transmission to Neutral position.

– Start the engine.

When regeneration is complete, the ash content of the diesel particulate filter must be no more than 4g.


Ash content of the Diesel Particulate Filter(DPF): 0.0g/f

Soot content of the Diesel Particulate Filter(DPF): 0.0g/f


After regeneration, the engine runs again at idle speed.

After regeneration, the preceding measured values are shown in the specified value range.

Press “Next”


Particulate content of the diesel particulate filter(DPF) is below 10g; Shall it still be regenerated? OK

Soot content of diesel particulate filter is less than 10g; Should it still be regenerated? OK


Regeneration process is just started.

Time remaining: 0s

Exhaust temperature upstream of the diesel particulate filter(DPF): 35.260℃

The remaining time is reduced at an exhaust gas temperature of 570℃ or above.

The diagnostic until shall not be disconnected from the diagnostic socket during the procedure.

Press “Next”.


Follow the instruction to finish.


This is how to use Autel AP200 App to do DPF regeneration for a Mercedes Sprinter.