Autel Renault Security Gateway Function Coverage(2022.4.28)

This is the latest(2022.4.28) model coverage for Renault security gateway function. Available on Autel Automotive Diagnostic System scanners, Automotive Key Tools and OTOFIX series. Details please refer to below tables.


Autel Product Series Supported Table:

Product Series Model Version Starting to Support Renault Security Gateway Released or not
MaxiUltra Ultra, MS919, MS909, Elite-II, MS908SP II, MK908P II, MS908S II, MK908 II, IM608Pro II, IM608 II, 906Pro,906Pro-TS, D1 Pro (660) V4.50 Yes
908 Pro Elite, MS908 Pro, MS908S Pro, MK908P V8.50


908 MS905, MS908, MS908S, MK908, MS906BT, MS906TS, IM600Pro, IM600, IM608Pro, IM608 V8.50 Yes
906 MS906, MS906S, DS808, DS808TS, DS808BT, MP808, MP808TS, D1 Pro (5260) V7.50 Yes
D1 D1, DS808S, DS808K, DS808S-TS, DS808S-BT, MP808S, MP808S-TS, MP808S-BT V2.00


Not yet but it could be Expected to release after 11-May-2022
MX808 MX808, MX808IM, MX808TS, MK808, MK808BT, MK808TS, TS608, IM100, IM508 V4.50 Yes
BT609 BT609, D1 Lite, MX808S, MX808S-TS, MK808S, MK808S-BT, MK808S-TS, TS608S, IM508S V2.00 Not yet but it could be Expected to release after 11-May-2022


Renault Software Series Supported Table:

Renualt Software Series Model VCI Which Renualt Version Starts to Support Renault Security Gateway If Supported Version is Released or Not
MaxiUltra MaxiSys Ultra MaxiFlash VCMI V4.50 Yes
MaxiSys MS919 MaxiFlash VCMI
MaxiSys MS909 MaxiFlash VCI
MaxiSys Elite-II MaxiFlash Elite
MaxiSys MS908SP II MaxiFlash Elite
MaxiCOM MK908P II MaxiFlash Elite
MaxiSys MS908S II Bluetooth
MaxiCOM MK908 II Bluetooth
MaxiIM IM608Pro II MaxiFlash JVCI
MaxiIM IM608 II MaxiFlash JVCI
MaxiSys 906Pro MaxiVCI V200
MaxiSys 906Pro-TS MaxiVCI V200
908 Pro MaxiSys Elite MaxiFlash Elite V8.50 Yes
MaxiSys MS908 Pro(EOL) MaxiFlash Pro
MaxiSys MS908S Pro MaxiFlash Elite
MaxiCOM MK908P MaxiFlash Elite
908 MaxiSys MS905(EOL) Bluetooth V8.50 Yes
MaxiSys MS908(EOL) Bluetooth
MaxiSys MS908S Bluetooth
MaxiCOM MK908 Bluetooth
MaxiSys MS906BT MaxiVCI 100
MaxiSys MS906TS MaxiVCI 100
Otosys IM600Pro MaxiFlash JVCI
Otosys IM600 MaxiFlash JVCI
MaxiIM IM608Pro MaxiFlash JVCI
MaxiIM IM608 MaxiFlash JVCI
906 MaxiSys MS906 MaxiVCI 100 V7.50 Yes
MaxiSys MS906S MaxiVCI 100
MaxiDAS DS808 Built-in VCI
MaxiDAS DS808TS MaxiVCI Mini
MaxiDAS DS808BT MaxiVCI Mini
MaxiPRO MP808 Built-in VCI
MaxiPRO MP808TS MaxiVCI Mini
OTOFIX D1 Pro (5260) OTOFIX V1
D1 OTOFIX D1 OTOFIX V1 V2.00 Not yet but it could be Expected to release after 11-May-2022
MaxiDAS DS808S Built-in VCI
MaxiDAS DS808K Built-in VCI
MaxiDAS DS808S-TS MaxiVCI Mini
MaxiDAS DS808S-BT MaxiVCI Mini
MaxiPRO MP808S Built-in VCI
MaxiPRO MP808S-TS MaxiVCI Mini
MaxiPRO MP808S-BT MaxiVCI Mini
MX808 MaxiCheck MX808 Built-in VCI V4.50 Yes
MaxiCheck MX808IM(EOL) Built-in VCI
MaxiCheck MX808TS MaxiVCI Mini
MaxiCOM MK808 Built-in VCI
MaxiCOM MK808BT MaxiVCI Mini
MaxiCOM MK808TS MaxiVCI Mini
MaxiTPMS TS608 MaxiVCI Mini
Otosys IM100 Built-in VCI
MaxiIM IM508 Built-in VCI
BT609 MaxiBAS BT609 MaxiVCI V200 V2.00 Not yet but it could be Expected to release after 11-May-2022