Autel IM608 II Adds 2013 BMW 535i CAS4+ Smart Key by OBD

We’re going to add a smart key for 2013 BMW 535i CAS4+ using Autel IM608 Pro 2 key Programmer by OBD. Here’s our original key on the right and the new key on the left.


For this vehicle, since we have a working key, I’d like to start the car and check there’s not DTCs or lights on the instrument cluster. We have the hood open because we’re providing extra power to the car.


Operation Process

IMMO >> Accept >> BMW >> Automatic selection >> Read >> OK >> Yes >> Control unit >> CAS4/CAS4+ immobilizer >> Vehicle information

Let’s shut the car off at this time.

Here we can check or screenshot the car information.


Coding operation >> Backup coding

Backup successful.

Press “OK” to save the data.


Key operation >> Key learning >> Learning via OBD

Operation guide:

  1. The SK must be obtained with “Read SK via OBD” or “Load SK” before other functions can be performed.
  2. Before wiring a key, select the corresponding key position.



“Read SK via OBD”: This function is used to read the SK via OBD without the need for CAS reading via dump.

“Load SK”: This function is used to obtain the SK by loading the DFLASH file of the CAS. The DFLASH file can be obtained with “Read DFLASH” in “ECU operation”.

“Enter SK”: With this function you can enter the SK for key learning.(Note: Perform this function with caution if you are not a professional.)


OK >> OBD read SK


  1. There is a small risk of data loss in this process. In case of data loss(failure of vehicle start with original key, lack of remote control on original key, unknown vehicle frequency, etc.), you need to read the CAS via programmer and perform “DFLASH operation” in “CAS4/CAS4+ immobilizer” in “System selection”.
  2. The process requires a network connection for data acquisition. Check the network settings to ensure a connection to Wi-Fi.

Press “OK”.



  1. The SK reading process requires programming. Ensure that the supply voltage is above 13V and is stable.
  2. The SK reading process requires a network connection for data acquisition. Check the network settings to ensure a connection to Wi-Fi and maintain the network connection during the process.

OK >> OK

Programming in process… Do not touch any buttons on the vehicle.

Please wait until 100%.

* Once you do this programming process, you don’t have to do it again. It’s just one time unless Autel IM608 II bring the car to the dealer or the CAS module has been updated.


Do you have a working key? Yes

Place the working key that can start the vehicle against the sensing area.

Password read successfully.

Press “OK”.


Select a blank key position: Key5 >> Write key

Place the new key close to the start induction coil. The key frequency is 315MHz.

Key learning is divided into 2 steps. Please wait…

Step1. Authenticating key information.

Step2. Writing data into key.


Key written successfully.

Place the key close to the start induction coil and press the ignition switch for 10s. The key can work properly only after being learned.


Okay, let’s turn the ignition off and try to stop the vehicle.

Test our new key, both lock and unlock work well.



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