Autel IM508S/IM608 II BMW F Series OBD IMMO Upgrade

Autel has newly released an IMMO upgrade that supports to add key/ all keys lost for BMW F series vehicles by OBD. Can be performed in halt the time program solely through OBD2, no need to remove body domain controller(DMC). Now the upgrade is available on Autel MaxiIM IM608 Pro II & IM508S tablets.



Program all keys lost & add key by OBD II for BDC module-equipped BMW F-series vehicles.


Support List

BMW 2 Series 2014/03-2019/06 F46

BMW 2 Series 2013/11-2019/06 F45

BMW X1 2014/11-2019/06 F48

BMW X2 2016/10-2019/06 F39

BMW X5 2012/08-2018/06 F15

BMW X5 2013/04-2018/06 F85

BMW X6 2013/09-2019/05 F16/F86

MINI 2014/11-2019/06 F54/F57

MINI 2013/04-2019/06 F55/F56

MINI 2015/11-2019/06 F60


* Disassembly may be required to read DME ISN code if all keys lost.


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